NEW! “Love is...” Special Needs awareness campaign
Our brand new campaign features dogs and cats who have challenges, whether they are deaf, blind, missing a limb, or have FIV or feline leukemia.

 Love is...Special Needs campaign

Do you have special-needs pets in your care? Have they been more challenging to adopt?

Many rescued pets have physical or medical challenges, but caring for a special-needs pet is often not as daunting as it might seem to an adopter. We created the brand-new “Love is...” eye-catching campaign to help you encourage potential adopters to consider, and fall in love with, a special-needs pet in your care. We’re providing tools for your organization to use to market these pets, to inform adopters about caring for pets with special needs, and to make them aware that animals with physical challenges can make great family pets. 

If you are interested in receiving a kit, please email

Two pre-packaged campaign kits for you.

Based on feedback from Network partners in our fall 2012 survey on special-needs animals, most groups who responded told us that dogs and cats who have physical challenges, whether they are deaf, blind, missing a limb, or have FIV or feline leukemia, are commonly in their care.That’s why we’ve assembled two types of kits for you. You can choose to receive one or both kits!

  • Kit A features pets who are blind, deaf, three-legged, or use wheelchairs or carts.
  • Kit B focuses on cats who are FIV or FeLV positive.

Love is...Special Needs campaign materials  

Each pre-packaged special needs kit contains full-color, professionally printed:

● “Love is...” flyers (8.5 x 11 inches) and counter cards (4 x 6 inches) that you can customize with your organization’s logo and information.

● “Love is...” cage cards: Simply attach to your special-needs pets’ kennels or cages.

● “My Adoption Fee Is Waived” stickers: Use these if you want to waive adoption fees for special-needs pets.

● FAQs and tips handouts for adopters: These easy-to-read information sheets can help you educate potential adopters about special-needs pets.

We’ll send you everything for free! And when you sign up to get your pre-packaged materials mailed right to your doorstep, we’ll also send you a link to download all of the digital art files plus Facebook images, web ads, social media suggestions, photography and video tips, and more! 


Contact us today to get your free special needs materials to help you increase adoptions and save more animals this year! We look forward to hearing how it goes, so be sure to keep track of your adoptions (we’ll be asking you to share your results with us), and, as always, we look forward to receiving your photos and success stories!

If you are interested in receiving a kit, please email

Best Friends stories about special-needs petsRhubarb

Our stories about special-needs pets who have overcome their challenges and found forever homes: 

Six Legs, One Home: Two canine tripod pals find love with a man and his dog.

Help for Helen: Once abandoned, blind and deaf dog finds her way home.

Mixing it Up: Tracy didn't know she could adopt an FIV cat if she had non-FIV cats in her home. When she found out, she did a 180 and came back for him! 

The Silver Lining: Two cats with FeLV get adopted, raising awareness about what great pets special needs animals are.

Adopting a Special Needs Dog: Ann Marie is a dog using a cart - read about her journey home.

Follow our progress journals about special-needs pets from the day they arrived through to life in their adoptive homes:

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Best Friends resources

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Other resources
Here are some other online resources that you may find helpful.

  • Blind Cats and Dogs

        Blind Dog Rescue Alliance: Contains varied resources

        Owners of Blind Dogs: Contains many resources, including information about toys and games for blind dogs

        Petfinder: Article called “Eight Questions to Ask Before Adopting a Blind Pet”

        Yahoo Group: Support group for people who have blind dogs

        Blind Dog Training Videos: Demonstration of training techniques for blind dogs

  • Deaf Cats and Dogs

        Partnership for Animal Welfare: Tips for living with deaf dogs

        Deaf Dog Education Action Fund: Offers a wealth of information about deaf dogs

        Training the Deaf Dog: Tips from a certified pet dog trainer

        Whole Dog Journal: Article called “Training a Hearing-Impaired Dog Is Not Difficult”

  • Pets with Mobility Issues Article called “A Leg at Each Corner – More or Less”

        The Bark: Article called “Keeping Your Three-Legged Dog Healthy”

        Indulged Furries: Article called “The Occasionally Challenging Life of a Three-Legged Cat”

        Tripawds Blogs: User-supported three-legged dog blog community


        Sources for wheelchairs, carts and other products for disabled pets:

        Eddie’s Wheels 

        Doggon’ Wheels 

        Walkin’ Wheels